Every year Mrs Claus knits a brand new warm and woolly present-delivering tunic for Santa Claus, and the Elves craft new wooden buttons for the tunic. 


And every year Santa Claus recycles his old tunic and buttons into highly desirable badges just for a few special folk who have worked extra hard to make Christmas even better for those around them...Santa's Little Helpers....


(Stay with me - keep the magic going!!)


You might know one of them. 

You may even BE one yourself!


- sshhhhh - 

I've been allowed to have some of the badges!  


Hand knitted and then hand felted from Christmas-Red wool, each tunic scrap is trimmed with an etched wooden button and mounted on a sturdy shawl pin. 


Perfect to give to those creators of Christmas magic for them to wear to show how they have added to the true Christmas Spirit this year! 


Each badge is different so be sure to select the one you like to avoid disappointment! 

Price includes UK shipping. 

Santa's Little Helper BADGE #6

  • MEASUREMENTS for Santa's Little Helper BADGE

    See photographs for individual sizes. 


    Santa's Tunic Scrap - hand knitted and felted rug wool

    Santa's Tunic Button - etched wooden button

    Metal Shawl Pin


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