First of all, thank you for investigating Crafty Dog Craft Kits, because once you start making, you are keeping a traditional craft alive!


This yarn can be used to make the So Long PomPom scarf, or it can be combined with more yarn of your choice to complete a project such as the Skinny Bias Scarf, Crochet bowl or Woven Wall Hanging - more projects available on the blog 'FREE STUFF'. 

The yarn comes with a vintage skittle which can be used as a 'Nostepinne' to wind the wool into a centre-pull ball. 

To learn how to use a Nostepinne watch IGTV @a_tail_of_yarn 'Winding Wool'. 


Crafty Dog Crafting Tips - Whatever project I am working on, my ethos is to enjoy and respect the yarn that I choose to work with, whether it is commercially produced, rescued from a charity shop, unravelled from an old garment, or hand spun, so if you feel that a different hook size or needle size would work better with the yarn of your choice, then feel free to change to get the gauge and texture you like.


So – yarn at the ready, here we go, let the creating commence!

MEDIEVAL ROSE Hand Spun Rose Madder Shetland Yarn

  • MEDLEY OF YARN Hand Spun Yarn Skein with Wensleydale Locks 

    80g/57yards of drop spindle-spun, wheel-plyed yarn skein

    8g commercially dyed Wensleydale Locks

    1 vintage wooden skittle to use as 'Nostepinne'

    Contained in a salvaged textile project bag. 


    Overall measurements - 

    Height:   14cm

    Width: 25cm 

    Weight:  225g


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