Vibrant,happy and perfect for a day of crafting on the beach! And even if you don't take your knitting with you, this bag will bring a smile to your face with it's joyful colours and little felted ball of sunshine wherever you go. 


Little Bit of Summer PROJECT BAG

  • MEASUREMENTS for the Little Bit of Summer PROJECT BAG  £35

    Depth of bag: 18cm

    Height including handles: 34cm

    Circumference at widest point: 76cm

    Total Weight: 450g

    Price is for bag only, crochet and knitting kits to fill the bag can be purchased separately.


    Hand crocheted from salvaged t-shirt yarn, waste devore velvet strips.

    Trimmed with ethically sourced spun sari silk from and with detachable hand felted locally sourced Jacobs Sheep wool and merino wool pompom.

    Please note: PROJECT BAGS are unlined, crocheted in gradually increasing spiral rounds, and some small gaps may occur due to the nature of the construction and materials used:  items such as narrow crochet hooks or thin knitting needles may escape through the gaps – The Crafty (Spotted) Dog recommends you weave needles and hooks through the gaps to secure them inside the bag!


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