First of all, thank you for investigating this Crafty Dog Craft Kit, because once you start making, you are keeping a traditional craft alive!

Please note that all Hook/Stick kits come in individually crocheted, knitted or textile pouches and will not be the same as the one illustrated. 

Please contact me for images if you would like to make your own choice!


The instructions for using your Stick Spinning Kit can be found HERE 

 but if you'd like FREE 1:1 spinning tuition or tips then please get in touch!


Crafty Dog Crafting Tips - Whatever project I am working on, my ethos is to enjoy and respect the yarn that I choose to work with, whether it is commercially produced, rescued from a charity shop, unravelled from an old garment, or hand spun, so if you feel that a different hook size or needle size would work better with the yarn of your choice, then feel free to change to get the gauge and texture you like.


It’s the same with spinning – if the fibre wants you to spin chunky, then go with the chunky!


Likewise with the bracelet instructions available on my blog FREE STUFF - they are there to get you started, and when you feel confident, try making a longer twisted yarn to add a personal touch to gift wrapping, or perhaps use the spun yarn to make a woven hanging.....wrap around a plant pot holder....tie several lengths together to make a funky skinny scarf....


'But what happens if I run out of fibre?' I hear you cry!!

No worries!

Contact me to buy my custom blended batts and rolags of locally sourced Jacobs, Poll Dorset, Herdwick, Gotland, Shetland and commercially dyed sustainable Botany Lap fibres or - a fabulous selection of all things to do with spinning and a visit to their shop in Dorchester is recommended!


And likewise are another source of amazing fibre!


So – fibre at the ready, here we go, let the creating commence!



    Hand turned hook/stick is 16cm

    Kit  height: 26cm

    Kit Width:  18cm

    Total Kit Weight:   50g:


    Basic Spinning Kit of

    • A hand turned crochet hook/spinning stick made by John Fairbairn.  Please note:  A limited edition of Ash, Black Walnut and Beech hooks are available - please advise if you require a specific wood and we will do our best to accommodate you!
    • 12g of randomly selected mixed sheeps wool fibre 
    • Crochet pouch - colours and texture vary and may not be as illustrated
    • Links to online instructions and tutorials for spinning, links to FREE STUFF - ideas and patterns - on this website. 
    • Zero Waste textile carry-out bag. 


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