The Original Spotted Dog Shop

The original Spotted Dog was a shop for a couple of years in the 1990s, where I recycled textiles and yarns to make 'Wearable Art' for all ages.

Pop Up Shop

In 2019 a career change led me back to my roots in creating art and craft, and The Spotted Dog is now a pop-up shop where I showcase my crochet, knitwear and craft kits at artisan and craft markets, festivals and shows in Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire.

Burley 2019

I also learned to spin in 2019 and this not only opened up a whole new world of exciting yarn possibilities, but also enables me to introduce others to traditional crafts - my spinning wheel comes to every event with me!

drop spinning

I'm a firm believer in passing on traditional skills, particularly to the younger generation, so I always encourage audience participation - if you have a go at drop spinning then you get to take home the hand-spun wristband you helped to make!

spotted dog

'Why are you called the Spotted Dog? Do you have dalmatians?' Sadly, no. I chose 'The Spotted Dog' as my shop name because my father was interested in heraldry, and discovered that my mother-in-law's family crest centuries ago was a spotted dog. As C18th carriage dogs, the dalmatian would not only have been a deterrent to highwaymen, but also a very decorative and unusual status symbol. And as spotted dogs are also playful and full of fun, that describes my shop too!


'Ah. Spotted Dog. So you spin dog hair then?' I'm asked this quite a lot. It's an easy assumption to make, and usually I have to say 'Not today, today I am spinning Jacobs sheep wool..' But in this photo my Spotted Dog sign is wearing a little neck warmer knitted from hand spun husky hair . Thanks Tom and Jess - and Archie!!


'Lovely to meet you at Romsey Market on Saturday! Thank you for being so friendly :) I've been telling everyoone who asked how it went about the fab lady next to me who was spinning her own wool like a scene from Sleeping Beauty.' @missmaximakes


Always proud to sell with South Central Makers! Kerri and Kate work super hard for their vendors both at markets and online and frequently share vendor posts - 'Liz Tanner is a regular at our markets and sells online with us. You'll also find her at Salisbury markets and countless others, she works really hard and has a fantastic sense of humour. Please follow her on Instagram and Facebook, we promise she's as lovely as she sounds!'


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